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Friday, 15 July 2011 21:16
A certain body wash and lotion store has discontinued my favorite scent, AGAIN! Every time I find a scent that I like (and doesn't make me want to gag), they eventually discontinue it.  I may have found a replacement scent, but I'm sure they will discontinue it soon too.  I am seriously considering boycotting this store from now on.  How rude of them!
Things you don't want to hear. PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 21:03

"Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  I have diarrhea."   This is what Whitney told me just a few minutes ago.  Worse yet, I checked her diaper and discovered that she had pooped once again.  That makes three for today.  Thankfully, it wasn't as she said.  No diarrhea this time. 

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Friday, 08 April 2011 21:32

I haven't posted anything for two months.  "Since before my birthday," Karlie commented.

I have a big booty, according to Whitney.  I was getting ready to get in the shower, when Whitney commented, "You have a big booty."  I asked her, "What did you say?"  I wanted to make sure that I heard her right.  "It's behind you," was her reply.  Thank you Whitney.  I will get back to working out every morning now.

Whitney only uses the potty chair when she wants to.  We started potty training on Conference weekend.  It just sort of happened.  On Friday, she wanted to wear panties, so I thought, "Why not?"  So, I let her buy panties.  I had to run errands later that day and she wanted to come with me.  Against my better judgment, she came with me.  We stopped at Smith's to pick up some bread, pull ups and juice boxes.  Then we went to Target for Tinkerbell panties.  We picked out the panties and then I went to look at the movies.  She started peeing, so we rushed to the bathroom.  She didn't pee anymore, but she didn't freak out on the toilet either.  So that was good. We've had a few accidents.  We have also had more than a few successes.  And even a few times when we didn't know where Whitney had gone, and then she runs out of the bathroom exclaiming, "I peed in my potty!"  We have also had a few times when she freaks out and wants a diaper on.  That's usually right before she poops.  When she wants to she will wear panties or pull ups and use the potty.  When she doesn't, she wears a diaper and I get to change her.  I can't wait until she decides that using a toilet is the life for her. 


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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 00:40

It's 4:30pm and I have 3 children sleeping.  We've been battling sickness at our house for the past two weeks (colds and pink eye).  It hit again today with a vengeance.  Abbie fell asleep at her computer this morning.  I dutifully recorded the event with my camera and then woke her up and suggested that she might be more comfortable in her bed.  She thought that was good idea.  She then took a 2 hour nap.  Emily put herself in bed twice this morning.  She is now curled up in her computer chair, asleep.  Whitney is on the couch in the playroom, also asleep.  She fell asleep on my lap earlier this morning, so I moved her to her bed.  She slept for at least an hour.  When she woke up, she wanted me to put band-aids on her tummy because it hurt.  And, she's running a fever.  Abbie is back in her bed, sleeping again.  Emily and Abbie both threw up today.  I thought we were finally getting over everything.

Here are a few funnies from our house to lift your spirits after that last depressing paragraph. 

A few weeks ago, Daniel was making dinner.  Whitney asked him what was for dinner.  He told her, "You'll see."  Her reply, "Oh, I love you'll see."

Last night after dinner, I asked, "Dad, what should we do tonight?"  I then hear, "Dooo dooo do to to dooo doo to doo do to do dooo."  Karlie and Abbie thought singing the Star Wars theme was a good idea right at that moment.  Oh so subtle.   

Accuse me! PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 02:42
Tonight after dinner, we were talking about being guilty.  Abbie wanted to show everyone how she reacted when being accused of something she didn't do.  She told Karlie to accuse her of brushing her teeth.  I just looked at Daniel and we both were laughing so hard.  I couldn't hardly breathe I was laughing so hard.  She and Karlie have yet to figure out why we were laughing.  (Even after reading this.)
Getting Closer PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 22 October 2010 22:16

Whitney sat on the potty chair yesterday, after she peed on her towel.  We had gotten out of the shower and she was drying off.  I went into the other room to grab a diaper, and when I came back she told me she had peed on the towel.  Sure enough, she had.  So, I had her sit on her pretty pink potty chair.  She sat there for a good while, all while being fed Skittles as bribery.  After she'd been on there for a good 10 minutes, I had her get off.  There was a tiny dime size amount of pee in her potty chair.  We were so excited.  She got candy and everyone told her what a big girl she was.  And that was that.

Today, Whitney was calling for me from downstairs.  I was in the middle of lessons with Emily, so I sent Karlie down to check on her.  Karlie came back and reported that Whitney was lying down with her feet in the air with a diaper and the wipes next to her.  She was stinky and wanted me to change her diaper.

We're getting closer everyday to potty training.

What makes it worth it PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 16:42
It's days like these that remind me that it really is worth it.  This morning, as I was doing math with Abbie, I sat there working with her and realized that I had taught her how to multiply fractions.  Same feeling as last year, when I realized that I taught Emily how to read.  I did this, not anyone else.  My accomplishment, with a little help from my smart daughters. :) 
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