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Written by Kara   
Friday, 22 October 2010 22:16

Whitney sat on the potty chair yesterday, after she peed on her towel.  We had gotten out of the shower and she was drying off.  I went into the other room to grab a diaper, and when I came back she told me she had peed on the towel.  Sure enough, she had.  So, I had her sit on her pretty pink potty chair.  She sat there for a good while, all while being fed Skittles as bribery.  After she'd been on there for a good 10 minutes, I had her get off.  There was a tiny dime size amount of pee in her potty chair.  We were so excited.  She got candy and everyone told her what a big girl she was.  And that was that.

Today, Whitney was calling for me from downstairs.  I was in the middle of lessons with Emily, so I sent Karlie down to check on her.  Karlie came back and reported that Whitney was lying down with her feet in the air with a diaper and the wipes next to her.  She was stinky and wanted me to change her diaper.

We're getting closer everyday to potty training.

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