They're Dropping Like Flies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kara   
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 00:40

It's 4:30pm and I have 3 children sleeping.  We've been battling sickness at our house for the past two weeks (colds and pink eye).  It hit again today with a vengeance.  Abbie fell asleep at her computer this morning.  I dutifully recorded the event with my camera and then woke her up and suggested that she might be more comfortable in her bed.  She thought that was good idea.  She then took a 2 hour nap.  Emily put herself in bed twice this morning.  She is now curled up in her computer chair, asleep.  Whitney is on the couch in the playroom, also asleep.  She fell asleep on my lap earlier this morning, so I moved her to her bed.  She slept for at least an hour.  When she woke up, she wanted me to put band-aids on her tummy because it hurt.  And, she's running a fever.  Abbie is back in her bed, sleeping again.  Emily and Abbie both threw up today.  I thought we were finally getting over everything.

Here are a few funnies from our house to lift your spirits after that last depressing paragraph. 

A few weeks ago, Daniel was making dinner.  Whitney asked him what was for dinner.  He told her, "You'll see."  Her reply, "Oh, I love you'll see."

Last night after dinner, I asked, "Dad, what should we do tonight?"  I then hear, "Dooo dooo do to to dooo doo to doo do to do dooo."  Karlie and Abbie thought singing the Star Wars theme was a good idea right at that moment.  Oh so subtle.