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Written by Kara   
Friday, 08 April 2011 21:32

I haven't posted anything for two months.  "Since before my birthday," Karlie commented.

I have a big booty, according to Whitney.  I was getting ready to get in the shower, when Whitney commented, "You have a big booty."  I asked her, "What did you say?"  I wanted to make sure that I heard her right.  "It's behind you," was her reply.  Thank you Whitney.  I will get back to working out every morning now.

Whitney only uses the potty chair when she wants to.  We started potty training on Conference weekend.  It just sort of happened.  On Friday, she wanted to wear panties, so I thought, "Why not?"  So, I let her buy panties.  I had to run errands later that day and she wanted to come with me.  Against my better judgment, she came with me.  We stopped at Smith's to pick up some bread, pull ups and juice boxes.  Then we went to Target for Tinkerbell panties.  We picked out the panties and then I went to look at the movies.  She started peeing, so we rushed to the bathroom.  She didn't pee anymore, but she didn't freak out on the toilet either.  So that was good. We've had a few accidents.  We have also had more than a few successes.  And even a few times when we didn't know where Whitney had gone, and then she runs out of the bathroom exclaiming, "I peed in my potty!"  We have also had a few times when she freaks out and wants a diaper on.  That's usually right before she poops.  When she wants to she will wear panties or pull ups and use the potty.  When she doesn't, she wears a diaper and I get to change her.  I can't wait until she decides that using a toilet is the life for her. 


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