What's a Sheet? Print
Written by Kara   
Friday, 03 April 2009 04:14
That's the question I got from my five year old as I tucked her in bed tonight.  She got a set of Tinkerbell sheets from her aunt for her birthday, and was happily snuggling down in them and wanted to know what the flat sheet was.  Now before you go thinking that I'm a bad mom, let me just explain how it is.  I have long since given up on trying to use flat sheets on any of the beds at this house.  Let me start with my bed, I have tried and tried to get Daniel to use a flat sheet.  It just ends up being kicked to the bottom of the bed (on his side), and then I have to dig it back out to make the bed.  It was just more trouble than it was worth.  With my older girls it was the same thing, during the night it would end up any where but on them.  They had a hard time making the bed with the sheet besides, so I gave up with them too.  I know call us uncivilized, but insisting on a sheet on the beds was just one battle I wasn't (still not) willing to fight.